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Thank you for visiting Find it Churches. We hope that we have quickly assisted you in finding a church or have helped your church online by promoting your location and other information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Currenty we will feature your church on our website, along with the necessary information needed for online users to easily locate your church such as, maps, phone, website links, video, audio, mission statements, etc... You can also add things like church service times, social media links, etc... Currently the cost of membership is 45.99 per year. This cost helps us offset server and development costs, and plays a big part of our ministry. (10% of all proceeds is donated to other organizations.)

No. Since Find it Churches is a privately held business, we reserve the right to determine the fitness of any church to be included in our online church finder. We are focused on Christian churches only, and believe that Christ was the Son of God, died on the Cross, was raised from the dead on the third day, and now resides at the right hand of the Father. He also will be back one day soon! Those are our beliefs, and we actively pursue promoting it.

Find it Churches often relies on third party data and systems for data integrity! That being said, if something is simply wrong, or just outdated, please contact us by telephone or email. We will get any issues with your church's information clarified quickly.

Since your church has a dedicated page here at Find it Churches, you can add quite a lot. Things like Service times, website and social media links, mission statements etc. All your content is added to you listing by a professional web developer to maintain this site's consistency. Simply email us any time with your lsting id number in the subject line. That being said, this site is specifically designed to be minimal, clean and spam-free. Keep that in mind when creating content for your page at Find it Churches.

Find it Churches has been online since late 2013! We have hundreds of man hours invested in the creation of Find it Churches. We are taking advantage of the newest design trends, techniques and technologies to ensure that this website will perform well in the search engines, and is content-focused. That's why we do great!

So you noticed that there's a bible quote on every page of the site? We actually do have the entire American Standard Version bible on the site. It's searchable, and you can navigate it or link to it by tag. That's totally unique.