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The bible has a ton of both practical information, and we believe it's the true, inpired Word of God. Here Find it Churches has the entire American Standard Version of the Bible available to read online. We hope you find it useful, and can apply the bible's knowledge to your life!

Don't worry about leaving this page... Each and every part of the online Bible here features a complete "books of the Bible" navigation. Did you know? You can also navigate our online Bible by Tag! You can aslo easily link to any verse here. See below for syntax.

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New Testament

Old Testament books, 40 - 66.

About Linking! You can easily link to any verse in our online bible if you know the systax we use. The link to any verse has a 6 part structure. The link structure syntax is :

  2. Chapter Page (File Name - with dashes instead of spaces) - Ex: song-of-solomon.html
  3. #
  4. ChapterNumber - Ex: "2"
  5. :
  6. VerseNumber - Ex: "16"

So a link to the verse we're talking about would be looking this way: - You can also link to tags that are on the page if they exist. Check the sidebar on all Chapters to see the tag names!